Cham Watching TV ~STRESS?~


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I have my year old male veieled in my room and he is about ten feet away from my 26" TV. I am out of my room all day, but when I come back here at 8, I want to watch TV or play video games. I noticed that he would run all around his cage when I had the TV on, so I hung one of my shirts in front of the cage as a visual barrier. That seemed to help! I think he was just able to make out the shapes and the movement of the TV and that stressed him out. My question is, is the barrier nessasary? Thanks a bunch guys!


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Funny, I have my panther in my room and I have a 32 mounted on my wall and he goes right to sleep at lights out....hell i can even turn my side light on if I have a snackafter his bedtime and he dont wake up


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My cham is directly in front of the TV around the same length and she could care less. And she is stressed easily too. Put the sheet over it and your cham will be fine and go to sleep. I don't even use a sheet for her anymore unless i have the main light in my room on for long periods of time.


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I would just toss a towel or sheet over your cham since it is bedtime for them. Don't forget to take it off.

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I swear CB chameleons view TV different than WC. My two CB chameleons Rhino and Socrates will actually watch TV with me. I have got pictures that I have been considering posting. Rhino will watch for 10-15 minutes roam his enclosure then watch for another 10-15 minutes. I think he is attracted to the action and as not being wild caught it does not stress him at all. They are definitely at their best though in the greenhouse though.
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I have Aladdin playing nearly 24/7 in my room. It's played almost constantly since January. (I'm a fan, haha.) None of my 7 chams have ever been bothered by it, and they've all been captive bred. The TV faces Max and Huxley's cages, and they both sleep fine with it on all night. The lights would keep Hux up all night, but the TV doesn't bother anyone. In fact, they are all Aladdin experts. They could kick butt if they ever got roped into a round of Aladdin trivia.
just thinking... if you had issues without the barrier... and then they went away with the barrier.... maybe the barrier is a good idea?
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