cham sick?


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I bought a 4 month old male jackson about 3 weeks ago, he was doing great, even eat out of my hand, he was a realy vibrant green the last few days he doesn't seem to eat anymore and he has been sticking to a darker colour, almost black.....he still drinks when I mist him and seems to move around the cage. Any ideas what it could be, or how to treat him? I have a 100 gallon mesh cage with a UVA light 10.0, the setup has nurtured a veiled cham before my jackson, (I changed the basking temps and night temps of course). anyways any help would be good. oh and for food it's cricks and worms, but as mentioned neither seem to interest him anymore
Is this one of the Jackson pair that you were housing together?

I am assuming you meant UVB 10.0. These are only good for 6 months or so.

yeah it would be the housed together ones, except he is now in a housing alone, and sorry, yeah I meant UVB, and it was bought about 2 weeks ago
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