Cham seems to eat less today


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Yesterday my juvenile female chameleon ate like crazy when I first put in the crickets. She must have ate about 20 of them. Now today, she is casually eating them when one crosses her path. The others that are in a small cup are being ignored. Should I be concerned or is she just full from yesterday. She seems active, and is basking right now. But yesterday she was climbing all over the place. One thing that I did do was change some leaves around to provide more navigation around the cage. Could that have stressed her out and cause her to eat less? Please let me know if I should be worried. Also what is a good feeding time during the day?
I think you are being overly worried which is much better then not giving a sh!t.

Anytime you put your hands in the enclosure it will cause stress but sometimes you need to (cleaning, rearranging, etc.). Just keep it to a minimum.

The best time to feed chams is in the morning.

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