Cham poop, PICS INSIDE!!


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OK ive heard alot about the apperance of droppings, and just after my nightly cleaning I noticed this, Ive heard about the orangeish color and how it can signal dehydration, Ive never actually seen my cham drink but hes offered water through a dripper plus the drip off of the humidifer most hours of the day, so is this a "normal" looking dropping?

Thanks for the info :D

I have no comment on the feces. But you need to mist your Cham cage. The drips may not be enough. If it is dehydration Give the cage and the cham a good misting 10-15 mins. The misting may bring on Drinking. Lizards can also soak in water through the skin, Which can help hydrate.

IMO, the urates are beggining to look clumpy which can be a result of dehydration, along with the orangish spots. A dripper and a humidifier are not acceptable means of keeping a chameleon hydrated. Misting is mandatory. You should be misting for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, preferrably in two or three sessions. Feeders with a high moisture content such a silkworks and hornworms can also help as a secondary measure.
Thanks for the advice:) , I also do mist several times a day but didnt put that in the org. post. I think Im going to try a shower this weekend, Ive got to come up with a good artificial plant rig before I try though, Ill post pics when I get it done.
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