cham not eating


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i barely got my 2 month old veiled 2 days ago, and i havent noticed any change in the number of crickets i put in there to start with,any suggestions?
How big are the crickets?
Are they free range or in a feeder cup?
Have you noticed the cham drinking?
Are you leaving the crickets in overnight or removing them to re-gutload?
Are you only feeding crickets?

the crickets are very small, and they are free range, i misted the cage in the morning and he was drinking off the leaves fine, the only problem is i havent seen him eat, so far i have left them in over night, so far i have only fed crickets
Some reptiles do not eat for the first little while they are first there. My cham did not start eating for about 4 days after I got him and know he is fine,.
If the crickets are free ranging - be sure your cham is in an enclosure that is small enough that he can "find" his food. Everywhere I read - a feeder cup is recommended for a cham of your age. It should be situated somewhere in the area of where he basks so that he can see it. Also, any crickets that aren't eaten at the end of the day should be removed so that they can be gut-loaded/dusted again.
There are two feeder cup threads right now.
Look in "chameleon food" and "enclosures and supplies".

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