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I have 3 month old Veiled Cham. I took her to the vet to get checked out and the vet said she was fine and i needed to increase her food.. 6 a day instead of 2.. Anyway i was feeding her and she threw up.. Everything i gave her for the past 2 days. and now when i feed her she twists her stomache like it hurts to eat or something.. Can anyone help? I feed her small crickets and an ocassional mealworm
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Sad news

So i was feeding my cham. and she wouldnt eat, so i called a vet clinic, But the reptile vet wasnt in that day (go figure) So i called the pet store where i got her, they told me to bring her in and they'll trade her for a new one. Of course i felt like crap for leaving her but she was in really bad shape, So i brought her in and the owner was like whats happening with her? I told him she had thrown up and wouldnt eat, He said she had a respitory infection..My poor baby! Anyways she is recieving medical care and he is going to get her back to 100%. The new Cham. that i got is a male..
Meal worms

You should try to avoid Meal worms until they are at least 6 months old as meal worms will impact a younger Vaile
If indeed your female Veiled has a repiratory infection, you might want to make sure you correct anything in the huisbandry that could have led to this. If not, the new male could follow in her footsteps too.
However, I have seen chameleons throw up their food (looks like a cocoon of shells) after eating eithet too much too fast or when the items are "spoiled". By that I mean, not in the cleanest of environments. SOme Pets|Marts do their best to keep the cricket bins clean and with fresh food and water but others don't, and if the crickets you are feeding go straight from PetsMart to your chameleon, they could be bringing all the bacteria and other organisms that grow in their stagnant water and spoiled food.

These are just two things to consider so that your male does good.

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