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Discussion in 'The Lizard Lounge' started by ldvnicole, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Hello I started a thead a couple of moths ago:

    someone before me has as well:

    Im am still on the look out for family photos, where women (or anyone) considered the trend of wearing live chameleons on theri sweaters with or without a chain pin.

    So I have done a lot of reaserch since my last post, I have found so much written, but still not any luck with a picture of this!! If anyone has any pictures of this, some one selling them, wearing them ANYTHING!! It would be amazing help!!

    (Even a direction where you think I could find this information)

    talk your heads off!

    thank you so much
  2. AFH

    AFH Established Member

    Not sure about old world chameleons, but I know back in the day (50's 60's) you could get anoles (commonly called chameleons) at the Texas State Fair. They sold them on strings and I suppose you could wear them around as an accessory.

    Probably not what you're looking for, but that's the only think I've heard of.
  3. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Thank you so much for responding

    anoles would be great too, any pictures would be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. nick barta

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    I bought the anoles at fairs, as well as painted slider turtles measuring 2" across the shell at the fair. The turtles were boxed up in a Chinese food take out box, I still think of the turtles every time I see those boxes!

    Sorry no pics, but it was common in the late 50's at fairs in the Northwest States at least.

  5. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Thanks so much for the information...still waiting for photos...
  6. Crazy Pet Lady

    Crazy Pet Lady New Member

    No pix but my dad, (now 75, so probably in the 40's) said he bought them in Milwaukee as a kid and they would wear them on the shirt pocket on a little chain so they could go in and out. LOL:)
  7. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Oh my god that is so cute!!
  8. Sang

    Sang New Member

    that sounds horrible.
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  9. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    it was a cruel trend, and it happend so often but would think people would take a picture of this.
  10. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Im still hoping someone has pictures of this
  11. Crazy Pet Lady

    Crazy Pet Lady New Member

    People didn't know any better back then. Animals were thought of quite differently, more like possessions than something to care for. They thought no more of it than similar to cows and chickens. They did what they wanted, despite what the animal needs. Thank goodness times have changed!
  12. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    yeah, you would think they would have taken pictures of this! Its so odd that no one knows about any pictures!
  13. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Does anyone on the forums today, have or know about a photo??
  14. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    I have been searching online for you and I can't find anything other than a blog that I presume is yours anyway!:confused:
  15. jojackson

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  16. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    The last photo is actually mine :) hhaah I made the chameleon brooch becasue I was annoyed that I couldnt find photos of it!!
  17. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Yes its mine :)
  18. ldvnicole

    ldvnicole New Member

    Does anyone have pictures, that is on the forums today? if modern people today have a modern picture of this, I would still love a picture of that!
  19. SparkyFlint

    SparkyFlint New Member

    Chameleons on a thread with a pin.

    Around 1955-59 Chamelons were sold at the annual Los Angeles County Fairs. They were sold with a tiny red thread wrapped around their necks attached to a small gold safety pin so that you could wear your pet on your lapel or shoulder. They were a great hit with families and children albeit cruel as most escaped the string and died of dehydration. You might search some of the archives of Los Angeles County Fairs of the 50's. .
  20. Jazzerbugg

    Jazzerbugg New Member

    chameleon brooches

    In reply to chameleons being worn with brooches. In the 60's we wore chameleons with a string around their neck and attached to our clothes with a small safety pin. I don't have any pics to show u but we bought ours at Woolworths in Kentucky. It was a great fad..

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