Carter at 7.5 months :)


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He's still very active, tolerates handling when i have to clean out his cage some. just doesnt like the camera in his cage taking pictures as you can tell ^_^ this is the first time hes gotten all fired up at me in a while though, he just shed about a week and a half ago.

AND ive started feeding him 6 large crickets every other day for about a week now. Ive read on the forums its good to start feeding them every other day this early but i would just like to hear feed back :) thank you all!


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Very nice looking cham. I am no pro so I will not comment on the feeding schedule I just wanted to give my $0.02 on what a nice looking cham you have.


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Well, that's also why i looked into when to i should cut the food back. He was seeming very un interested in food really and would maybe eat 2-3 a day and leave the others in the cup. Now he gobbles them all down immediately.

I saw spock, he looks great. I noticed that also as i was going through all your picture posts. They have almost identical colors and patterns. spock seems to be more of a red. My guys eyes are the only really red part besides the dots. Hes Very orange and Yellow on the bottom in person. Also the past week or so ive noticed this dark blue he will show in the middle of his bright blue bars. truely amazing creatures


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He's beautiful!

You know your chameleon, so let your instincts guide you on the feeding.

I just want to mention how utterly happy it makes me that someone would name a chameleon Spock.


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yer feed schedge seems good..ive personally worked with a full week feed and only sat and sunday no food..maybe snaks and i lower temps by using less light...somthing i lerned off a parsons breeder..said it prolongs lifetime????not sure but seems to be i say see how they react with it ..adjust and experiment..maybe even weight them out once a month trying different feed set ups ( dyno your
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