Carpet Chams!


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Today I picked up three pairs of carpet chams! An early birthday gift to myself! They are brand new imports in REALLY good shape. They landed this afternoon. All three females are gravid to boot! A local forum member, chameleongalore, will want a pair and most likely will try to get me to give up two pairs! lol Anyway I'll post pics once they settle in a bit. Right now they are having a nice long mist and drinking like crazy! I'm kinda stoked to say the least. If any one has some husbandry tips, I'm all ears as these are my first carpets. Cheers!
cool, i dont know anything about carpets but new chams are always so exciting, congrats i want to see pics LOL
Yea, so chameleongalore came over and talked me out of two pairs! lol kinda knew it would happen. Down to one pair now.. they are so tiny compared to my melleri monsters! Sure are cute though. My lights just went out for the night so photos in the morning! Cheers!
Carpets are wonderful little chammies. You will not be disappointed. I loved mine and they were a great little breeding project. Congrats! :D (but yes, pictures are a must....)
All-righty then! Here are some bad photos I just took with my phone. They just finished their morning shower and drank alot again. The male banged off a few bugs but I have yet to see the female eat. I also included a pic of Plinko just because! lol Cheers!
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They are beautiful Jim, congrads! Thank you so much Thevainity any leads for Ontario carpets are so great thanks again!!
I've been thinking about getting some if I can find them. Can you post a picture with your finger next to them so we can see their size????

They look really cool, Congrats!
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