Carpet Chameleons


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I'm interested in getting something different from my veiled and panther, mainly smaller. So, the carpet chameleon came into my head. What is your opinion on them? Temperament? Thanks :)
All my carpet chameleons have been pretty timid..

Most available are wild caught and I have had no luck keeping wild caught carpets alive for more than a few months. I have some now that are Captive hatch and they have been doing pretty well.. now about 2 years old and going strong.

Carpets are smaller than panthers and veils. Their avrage life span is only about 3 years as apposed to veilds and panthers which is 5 to 8 years and sometimes longer
I'm not an expert at all but I've owned 3 veiled and this week I got a carpet and I love him! I was in the same boat as you. I wanted a chameleon but I wanted a smaller breed. I did my research and found the carpet. From what I hear, they are more timid than other species but my little guy still has an attitude so don't think every Carpet is relaxed! I know they require the same kinda care as a veiled and are a great starter Chameleon. I don't regret my decision at all!
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