Carpet Chameleons Pictures


Hey everyone,
Here are some pictures I took today of my Carpet chameleon.
The 1st picture is his resting colors. In the rest of the pictures he is sporting his "leave me alone" colors. He is still quite small yet, but he is growing quickly. In the 4th picture you can sort of see his extra toe on his back right foot, but it's a little blurry.

Does anybody with Carpets know what is an average weight or length of an adult?

"Put me back in my cage!"

Really stretching.

Making his escape.

"Can I go back to my ficus now?"

So tiny...

Thanks for looking, let me know what ya think of him. :)


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those look soooo cool. I want to eventually get some but i was wondering if you can keep them together if you have a big enough cage?


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Carpets are so wonderfully patterned. They just look good even all green because of all the shades. Your boy is really cute.


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I agree with Brad, its a girl. Males already at that size should have a bulge and blue around there eyes. And females have those darkish rings on their bodies.

You said something about an extra toe. Im guessing your talking about a spur, carpets do not have spurs only veileds and some flapnecks do.


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It is a female. And a beautiful looking one at that. Good luck with her :)

Speaking of, here's 2 girls and a boy I took out of the incubator last night.



Hey everyone,
Thanks for all the kind comments about my Carpet.
I figured it was a girl after the first month I had her, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for confirming. The sex was not really a big deal, since I was eventually planning on getting another of the opposite sex.

Where did you get this animal?
I got this Carpet from the username chams1 at a reptile expo in Illinois.

You said something about an extra toe. Im guessing your talking about a spur, carpets do not have spurs only veileds and some flapnecks do.
No, it is not a spur. And since Carpets do not have spurs, like you said, it can't be a spur. It is actually a full toe, with a nail. It protrudes towards the front of the foot, rather than from the back of the foot like a veiled spur does. I will try to get a decent picture of it.


Glad to see you <finally> posted pics Garett! :)

Alright, alright. I'm the culprit. :eek: I could have sworn this was a boy, based on the other 2 that hatched around the same time (which, by the way, all 3 hatched at 6 months - still waiting on the other 6 that are at the 11 month mark). Well, I'm glad you are happy with a girl! :D One of the other 2 looked like this one and the other one looked more like a girl at the time.

The extra toe is exactly that - an extra toe. I thought it looked more like a "birth defect" and her other toes are normal and function normally, but this is an extra appendage, or third toe. It didn't seem to bother her and she got around just like any of the others.

Nice looking pics, too, Garett. Glad you like HER. :D



Oh, and since it is a GIRL, you might want to change your signature. :eek::rolleyes::eek:
Good point, just changed it.

Thanks for posting those pictures Dooley1, they are awesome!

Does anybody have any recorded weights on some adults? Or would anyone mind doing me a favor and weighing one of theirs? I can't find anything anywhere on the adult weight of Carpets.


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Hi There
Ive kept Carpets myself theyre great little chams arnt they. One of my females weighed 28grams when she was 2yrs old. Mine were Lateralis Lateralis the smaller species I think your girl is Major thou. She is very preety & looks in great shape!:) Heatherxxx
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