Care for panther?

How does the care for a panther chameleon differ from the care for a veiled? I am getting an ambilobeXNosy be tomorrow. also, is the supplementing schedule any different?


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It's just about exactly the same. Or at least it works for both of them.

A search will find you the specifics that aren't thaaat important.


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They're basically the same. The veiled comes from a somewhat warmer, drier clime, but both are very hardy, and I house both the same without any problem. Supplementing is the same as well.


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Temps around 85-ish and a little more misting a day. I recommend you use the night to read up on the care and see how you need to adjust his new environment. Is everything ready for him?
Yes he is all set up I just need to change the heat bulb. The way his cage was setup before the heat bulb must have been farther away because it makes the basking spot I have it at around 101f. I'm going to put a 75w house bulb in and see if that helps.
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