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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rottluver, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Rottluver

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    I think we have decided. I would like a pair of Carpet chameleons and my husband wants Jacksons. Is the care basically the same? Are the babies usually available at a certain time of year? I would like to get them at the Daytona Reptile Expo in Aug there are usually several vendors there.
    Can they live in a room with snakes since the snakes have a red light on all night? How do you keep them in a living room if a television is on at night?
    Can you cover the cage like a bird?
  2. Carlton

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    Their care is not exactly the same because they come from different habitats and climates. Jackson's are going to want cooler temps (especially at night) and higher humidity. They are also more sensitive to vitamin and mineral supplements. You'll need to read on the forums about both species and about basic (no options) care, nutrition, and lighting. All this is available if you explore here.

    You realize you can't house either of these pairs of chams together right? All 4 will need separate cage setups.

    They could be bothered by the red lights on the snake cages and possibly seeing the snakes' activity if it is during the day. Snakes are probably one of many cham predators in the wild. It might be easier to block views of the red lighting by covering part of the snakes' setups. Does the temp of the room drop at night? If not, you will have problems with your chams as they need the nightly change to lower their metabolism to sleep. If they are in the livingroom with noise (loud or low frequency) and tv on at night you will have to cover the cages in some way.
  3. kelsxox

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    All chams need pure darkness at night too sleep
  4. Rottluver

    Rottluver New Member

    yes i have room for 4 cages. The lights are only on at night during really cold months, actually I don't even need them on at all here in florida now that I think about it. My house is kept at approx. 78 in the summer day and drops to 74 at night. I breed Poison Dart Frogs so I do have supplements and schedules and misters and bugs and.... I will keep searching for info to have everything in place before I purchase any animals. thanks for your input.
  5. mychamtini112012

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    The temp at night needs to drop a lot more then just to 74. It can get all the way down to 55 at night for them and be fine.

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