Car chase/no power!


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There was a bit of excitement on my street earlier. In the 10 years I've lived here I've never seen any of my neighbors outside like tonight. There is only 8 houses on each side of our street. Well there was a police car chase that ended up finishing in our quiet neighborhood. It was really random. The suspect hit a electric pole a street over and knocked out the power to our neighborhood. :( Then to top it off he escapes armed per the police. Hopefully they caught him by now. I live in a place where my door is always unlocked, but tonight that's not the case.

Hopefully my Vieled eggs make it until Edison gets the power back up! It's 70 degrees in my room right now and I'm hoping the candle will keep the temp up. lol.
Months ago, there was a chase along the 14 - not far from me -and you could see the helicopters and hear the police sirens. I find that scene amusing...Kcal 9 is the first channel to show the chases...just in case better keep your house locked!
This chase must have been too quick because it didn't end up on the news. A neighbor said he apparently drove down our street twice. I didn't even know anything was going on until the lights went out in my room. It was pitch black and my sister asked is it 8 o'clock already. lol because of the timers. I went outside and under cover cops and regular police vehicles were going at least 80 passed my house.
Okay so this is the first time we have lived without power, even though it was only a day, and were already thinking about investing in a generator for any future catastrophic events. Haha, I remember reading threads about weather issues and people were shocked most American's didn't have them. Going to invest in a survival kit too.
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