Captive bred jackson sub adult stunning males

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For sale is captive bred sub adult Jacksons . The Three horned type showing a lot of Red in there pattern at times of rest or excitement. These guys are parasite free eating like champs and drinking . these guys range from 5 months old to 8 months old and are very active and healthy .
They have been raised on RO water along with many minerals & vitamins. Only males available at tihs time .for quick contact and sale heres my email
[email protected] Prices are $125.00 each plus $25.00 to ship
I've been breeding reptiles 20 years and these are F4 line with many crosses into the line to get these nice animals . These guys are very hardy and active. Thanks for viewing and give me an email if you want any of these gems of fancy! True true stunners and sure to please. I offer a 60 day gaurantte on all my animals and will replace free of charge in the unlikely event something should happen and a life time of support! Shipping is $25 .00 flat rate over night usps with tracking, confirmation and signature at time of arrival
thanks christopher


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