cant wait any longer!


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Ahhj, im busy at work this week, alot more than expected and i just cant get the finishing touches done on my cage! I want my chameleon, its all i have been and reading about for the past 3 weeks, :/
at least you have something to look forward to. i love having projects that keep me busy. show us some pictures of your project. i was thinking of building something on my patio so my guy can sunbath.
lol yeah i hate it when work gets in the way of things we want lol. But dont worry you will get your cham soon! and you are going to have lots of fun :D You definetly have to post up some pics when you get it
Waiting sucks but at least you will have time to get everything ready. what breed are you looking to get?
X-mas is always boring after the food and gifts are exchanged. Work on your cage after the festivities are over. The rest of the world is closed anyways, may as well get your project completed. ;) And good luck on the baby ambi.
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