Can't find plants in the winter? Buy online!

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I have some pothos clippings for sale for all you guys who can't get plants in the winter. ALL ORGANIC! Just plant and water!

Rooted plants:
All have roots and have started growing new leaves already!

3 for $3

Unrooted plants:
Most have very small roots that are just starting to grow, but aren't big enough, in my opinion, to call them rooted.

3 for $2

Organic soil:
I can send 1/4, 1/2, and 1 pound baggies of dry organic soil. 1/4 will fill approx. a 4"-5" pot. I can include a small baggie of perlite for free at your request.

1/4 for $1
1/2 for $1.75
1 for $3

Prices vary, will not be over $8. Will be sent first class mail or priority mail depending on order. Express can be used at your request. All plants will be shipped in a contained moist media. Plants are guaranteed alive and healthy. If any die I'll send you more (you cover shipping.) These can be combined with any insects you may have ordered from me.

Email me at [email protected]
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