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I have checked every plant safety chart there is along with the toxic plant charts and none say anything about Money Trees (Pachrica aquatica). I did find some journals about the seeds of these trees and that they may be toxic, but found nothing about there leaves.
If someone has any info at all that would be great.
There are a few different kinds of money trees. I think the name you mentioned is ok, but I am not positive. I do know they can get pretty big. Anyone else know about money trees? Among many other things, I would like to create a nice safe plant list with pictures on this site.
I didn't find much. I went on other forums and did searches and not much if anything came up.
Well, I get my new guy tomorrow, so I hope that its ok. I love the looks of the tree--very tropical. However, not good for climbing on so I had to add many fines.
Oh and yes, they do grow rather fast. I have had the tree for 4 days now and already have 3 new leaves that get bigger every day. I little trimming is needed.
Thats a good idea about the safe tree list with photo IDs next to the name. That would be much more helpful!
I have seen a number of sites listing toxic plants to animals. Here is one site to keep handy on what not to buy: This site is decent as you can also see the picture of the plant as well.

I will have one on my site once it is completed, but I am not sure how comprehensive any of these lists online are. I think some good research needs to be done on this myself.
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