Cannabis Sativa Plant ok for veiled chameleon

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Chameleon Loco

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One of my stoner friends suggested putting that into my chameleons cage and I was wondering if it could be done without harm to the chameleon and the plant?
I've heard cannabis plants can be very irritating to cham skin. And I would be very concerned about toxicity, possibly death, if it were to ingest any of the leaves. Your "stoner friend" should grow his pot elsewhere :)
No, chameleons rub their eyes on plants. Those plants have crystals that kind of burn a little when you get it in your eyes. Veileds eat plants. And crickets eat plants. Chameleons eat crickets. That is a plant. That particular plant is very dangerous for animals to ingest.

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EDIT: also, the housing for a chameleon is not suitable for the plant if you want it to bud.
I think a 24x24x48 cage would be sufficent for a young plant

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