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Anybody order food from I just ordered from their East Coast branch and will be getting it next week but don't know what to expect...haha...probably should've asked before. :p...

any personal opinions about these guys?
I bought butterworms, waxworms and a container of their gutload a couple weeks ago, you can pay them through your online banking. The shipping seems to be the killer for me ( i live in van ) but the worms looked so good i almost ate some myself. The owner, i think his name was Rob, was very helpful and a real treat to deal with. The gutload he claimed was top notch and the crickets i got grazing on it seemed to turn bionic. Really happy with how he took the time to answer whatever dumb questions i had, and never made me feel like even one bit of a moron.......ask my wife, apparently its hard to do.
I use canadian silworms, but sometimes they are out of stock, I just found out this guy is in the same city as me so I am going to try him out, hopefully its cheap shipping since im so close.
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