Can you feed panthers fruit and veg???

Anthony Hendrick

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Can you feed panthers fruit and veg???

if so what kinds of fruit and veg?

I hear too much fruit can be very bad for their digestive system but I wonder should they get any fruit in that case??

Also, my panther is 3 and he ate carrot and parsnip for the first time ever just two days ago.

is this good???
i dice up sweet red peppers and strawberries for my veiled chameleon she loves them and have never noticed any harmfull affects from it.
I have to play a trick on my panther, to get him to eat his veggies.
What I do is take a potato peeler to a carrot, and make like three inch long shavings. Then I dangle them by hand to make them appear like some awesome new type of worm.:)
so far it works every time. I usually do it once a weak
some panthers eat fruit and veg, some do not.
You can offer them small pieces of most anything youd give to your crickets as gutload. Dandelion, papaya, shaved, carrot,...
thanks guys!

"I have to play a trick on my panther, to get him to eat his veggies."

I did the same thing with the carrot shaving, I pretended it was some sort of worm on the branch.Now he just takes them.

Good to know what he should and shouldn't be fed as I'm a bit worried about feeding him raw vegetables.
I know that Veileds eat fruit and veg but I wasnt aware that Panthers ever ate any...other than by mistake maybe? I have no doubt that a little is not bad for them but is it actually of benefit?
ferrit can you feed a panther a red bell pepper it says it enhances color is this true?

What they mean by that it that it enhances the color of the food mix to make it more appealing to eat in the case of iguanas. Sometimes they get excited when their food has more color than just green veggies. That chart is made with iguanas in mind more than other reptiles. So to answer your question, no, it won't enhance your chameleon's color. Would be nice if it did!
The first time I read it I thought that's what I meant too. I was thinking my iguana was going to get some crazy red coloring or something! But it explains what they mean at the top of the chart.
ferrit, I see that the link for the food chart is for iguanas, do all those veggies apply for chameleons too??

Yes, concepts are exactly the same only you feed it to feeder bugs instead of the lizard directly usually. You want higher calcium than phosphorus and avoid oxalates and goitrogens. The chart is just a guidelines of what veggies have good nutritional value versus what don't so just because it's on the chart doesn't mean it's good - go by their recommendations and make your own educated decisions based on the info provided. :)
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