Can you feed earthworms?

Good question.

I generally think about how the animal (any animal) get it's food. Since chameleons are arboreal then I think of flying insects and crawling things. But meal worms and crickets are usually earthbound (not in trees) and they eat those while in captivity.

I'm curious as to what the more experienced chameleon keepers have to say.
save the earth worms for fishing, composting or to throw to a bird... for the pain that they would be your better off with the easy to feed food that is on hand.
If you are raising your own worms, you know what they are ingesting and will thus avoid all the worries about parasites, etc. But dont use worms from bait shops or your back yard.

Earthworms can be a good source of calcium.

Many chameleons will not eat them though.
a part of the misnomer in chameleon tongue action.
They don't rely solely on sticky surface of their tongue. If that's the case, then they would have problem grabbing certain large preys like bird and other lizard.
Chameleon tongue "grips" and when shot, the muscle tip form a conical depression that creates vacuum. Essentially, it acts like a suction cup.
Not to mention that a chameleon will sometimes just eat something without grabbing it with its tongue. I've seen my cham walk up to grubs, worms and just chomp them down, just like they do with veggies.
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