Can someone find the sex of my Senegal?


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I was going to get a Veiled but last minute the petstore changed them out for Senegals, I had researched the Veileds but got the Senegal anyway since they looked the same, but anything I find I can't find an exact way to tell the gender.

I can't put a picture on here since I don't have it anywhere to put the link, but e-mail me and I'll send you a picture at
[email protected]

Are there any major differences between taking care of a Veiled and a Senegal?
I keep Senegals the same way I do veileds....except that I make very sure that the Senegals drink well every day....and I keep the basking area in the mid 80's.

As far as sexing them...look at the base of the tail...south of the vent. If its got a bit of a bulge its likely a male. Also the male's bodies can be more slim than a female's vertically.
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