Can MBD cause growth to stop?


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I’m just curious about this. Nolan did unfortunately have MBD when we first got him and he broke several bones in his limbs because of it. Now he’s completely healthy and normal but he is smaller than most veiled’s I have seen at his age. He’s roughly 16 months old but is still a smaller baby. There’s nothing wrong with it but I’m curious as to whether or not he stopped growing or will still grow?


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Here’s some recent pictures of him.


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There is a huge range in male adult size. There are even a few 350-400g, or even half kilo monsters out there. But most males will top out in the 100-200g range. with MBD, you generally dont get stunted organ growth, just over all length. So you end up with more of a potato build with a funny shaped head.


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Yeah I totally agree with @nightanole. Size range totally is dependent on genetics and husbandry when young. I have a totally healthy male and he is only 16 inches total in length from tip of nose to end of tail. No mbd and fed correctly from the time I got him at 4 months old. So you can have some males that are more like 15-16 inches then some that can reach that 21 inch or even a bit more.
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