can i feed a hardboiled egg to my panther


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i was wondering if i could feed my cham a hardboiled egg? if so what part the egg. Im not sure if he is lacking vitamin a but i figured a little couldn't hurt.


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not to sure but i think you would be better feeding the egg to the bugs then feed youer cham the bugs

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not too sure about the egg, i have givin my guy pcs of cantalope before as it is high in vit a i beleive
he will eat anything i put in front of him
Sounds like you've already answer your question. I have fed my crickets hardboiled quail eggs. It's not their favorite, so you have to limit other foods, or simply only offer the eggs, and shells ( crickets will eat the thin layer of collagen that lines the inside of eggs. ) I found that my panther females laid bigger eggs when fed these crickets in the 30 days after mating.
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