can crickets and dubia roaches live together

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by jordanebert89, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. jordanebert89

    jordanebert89 New Member

    i will be starting a dubia colony and i was just wondering if i will have to get a new bin or if i can just throw them in with my cricket bin.
  2. camimom

    camimom New Member

    I would do them seperatly. not sure if they can live together, but id be afraid of them eating each other.
  3. jordanebert89

    jordanebert89 New Member


    yeah i was thinking the same thing i thought i wiould just ask to see if any one has tried it.
  4. shiftyeyes

    shiftyeyes New Member

    i can tell you 100% they cannot live together the roaches need a high protein diet and they will use the crix for their protein. the crix will not harm the roaches (remember roaches can survive a nuclear blast) if you would like to kill off some crix then ya i say go for it, but no they cannot live together
  5. SSimsswiSS

    SSimsswiSS Avid Member

    I actually keep a few adult dubias in my medium to large sized cricket bins. (helps me to remember the other food options, besides crickets.) But I keep the bulk of my dubias seperated in their own bin. The Dubias get fed more salad scraps than any of the other feeders kept, and are little compost makers.
  6. JonRich

    JonRich New Member

    The black crickets will attack the Dubias, not sure about the brown ones (crickets are nasty). There was a thread where there was a pic of a cricket eating a Dubia, I'll have to find it. I don't think Dubias will kill the crickets, if they had this thirst for protein I'd think they would be cannibals also and eat their own young. I have not seen any signs of cannibalism in my colony.
  7. xanthoman

    xanthoman Avid Member


    as far as a breeding colony, i would say not the best arraingement, guaranteed adult cricks will eat the dubia eggs and young, and i would be suprized if adult dubia didnt eat the pinheads and small cricks. so even if you got the colony to sustain its self, i doubt production values would be very good.
    whats the point anyway, all either needs is a $7 - 16 gal rubbermaid. jmo

    WANTING New Member

    Um... And roaches aren't nasty

    Honestly folks..I'm likely older than most of you... And having issues getting over my bug phobia. There aren't that many bugs in Co. But still wanting a Cham... But some of those roaches I lived with in FL COULD CARRY ME AWAY
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  9. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    I grew up spending the summer in Louisiana....I know what you mean, Wanting. Those things are terrifying.
  10. EvilLost

    EvilLost New Member

    I didn't read this thread but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents....

    you do not want to do this. crickets have an absurd die off rate and need to be cleaned all the time....roaches live for 2+ years and never die, you can get away with cleaning the roach bin much less often than cricket bins (I clean out my cricket bin ~2weeks and my roach bin about ~2months)

    crickets eat all sorts of crap too, brown ones are nicer, but stlil
  11. jordanebert89

    jordanebert89 New Member

    thanks to everyone

    i will have a new bin in a hour. thanks a gain for the help so i didnt kill off all my feeders.

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