can chams get a black eye?


Friendly Grasshopper
silly question, but my little camo has one eye that is very black ( most of it ) and the other is green, he sometimes adds black to his face and eyes but useually does it the same on both sides right now its just one side and he has been moving around, ( freerange in the window ) so its not du to light on one side. it has been at least a hour or 2 some im just not sure here are a few pics.

thx hoj

normal eye


black eye



thx again
ya i know he acting totally normal, and if i need i can try to find and update my care info, but it is BY THE BOOK as far as everything goes
Chameleons will bruise black. Looks like he rubbed or somehow got into a fight with a stick. He looks OK but that does look like a bruise to me.
My cham had a similar problem but with his tail. He somehow kinked it and bruised the tip of his tail. Scared the HE** out of me. I gave him a shower everyday for like a week, and the bruise went away. After his first shower, it was almost gone for a while. Hope your guys eye gets better!

PS.. should probably get crix that wont beat him. ;)
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