Can chameleon eat the mealworm beetles?

Of course they can eat them, however, I would not recommend them as a regular part of their diet.


yes, can and very likely will. They can even be nutritious as they are easily gutloaded. A natural chameleons diet will include beetles. BUT too many could potentially cause digestive issues, so dont make these a large portion of the diet.
those are nasty and crunchy as can be. I seen one for the 1st time recently and they are some creepy crawlers. I had a gecko eat one. Then it never ate another.
I discovered my panther chameleon finds these beetles his favorite treat. If I want him to eat in front of a guest, I just feed him a mealworm beetle. I normally don't feed them because I use them to make more mealworms...
Can someone please help me. My mealworms are turning into larve and eventually beetles. Is it a good thing to feed my chameleon these beetles?
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