can anyone ID a Mellers?


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Hi, I'm hoping somebody here can help me identify the species of chameleon I have obtained. By looking at pics posted at various sites, it seems to be a Meller's Chameleon. This makes me a bit nervous because I keep reading how hard they are to keep in captivity, and how easily they become stressed and die. It has a green base color with yellow vertical stripes from neck to tail tip. The only thing is it doesn't have any sort of horn on it's nose. Do some panther chameleons have the same coloring as Mellers? Any help here would really be appreciated. Thanks, Angie

The best chameleon info site on the net just happens to be about meller's.

The KEY is to hydrate them. They have very small kidneys, and dehydration can quickly lead to kidney failure, and death.

Awesome animals if acclimated, but it can be a difficult process - check out that site!
Thanks Eric, I think you're right. The link you gave me was very hepful. Especially where they talked about strong vibrations stressing the little guys. My son hasn't been allowed to practice his dums for a couple of days, and we're now in the process of moving the set to the garage. I'd have never known about this...and the guy at the pet store...well guess he's just not a chameleon expert. Thanks again Angie

Hello Angie, welcome and congrats on new chameleon. Just wondering if it is a Melleri. Ever since I first found out about these guys I have been very intrested in them. You dont see many and never really see any for sale. They seem to have alot of requirements but if you can give them a good home they will flourish. Just wondering if what you have is infact a Melleri. I would like to see pics and here updates on how its doing. I believe Eric A has Melleri also, would love to here about them. Anyways good luck with your new friend hope everything goes great for you.
BIG pics...sorry

This is Ardi, my CB melleri. Only one clutch of melleri was captive bred in the US last year (some others were hatched out from imported females), and she is from that clutch. Really beautiful animals, and when CB's are available in greater number, they should become very popular. They have the best attitudes... most of them anyway.

I'm hoping to get some WC breeders in soon in order to start a breeding program. WC animals may look nice, but without the right care, they are Very difficult.

She's actually 18" in length, but she's a bit curled up in the last picture.




Pics of the new addition

Hi, just took a couple of photos. Anyone know how to sex these guys? That or I'll have to pick a generic name. I need to add some plants for him (her?) too I've got some spider plants, but I'd like some variety. Any suggestions? Thanks, Angie


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