Can a panther showing a different color be a sign of illness?


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My guesses are "no," but I saw a post from a veterinarian office of a panther chameleon that obviously had bad mouth rot and was very dehydrated. It was a patient of theirs.

The caption of the photo said that the panther showing this new orange color was a sign that he was sick and that he had never shown it before.

Are they right or wrong? I've yet to own a panther.


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They may have meant at the site of the infection around the mouth. I can't say for sure without seeing the chameleon, but I haven't done extensive research on mouth rot either, as I have never come across it. Could you post the picture?


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panther chams can changes patterns as they grow older.

However, when a panther suddenly appears very pale it could be a sign of illness.

But coloring is not a sure sign of illness.

Behavior is a better diagnostic tool for knowing when they are sick.


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In my confusion, I pointed out the mouth rot and dehydration...and also added that the new orange color he is showing is not a sign of illness (I was fairly certain at this point, but I decided to ask the forums in case I was wrong).

They said, "In this case it was a huge indicator of his illness. He never is this color. And yes, he had mouth rot and other systematic disease."

I then responded with if it were a color change to a grey or washed-out color, that would be a different story...

The panther in the photo is a red body orange bar adult. I'm not well-read on locales.
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