Camphor vine?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Cainschams, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. SYeretzian

    SYeretzian New Member

    Link did not work.
  2. haleybobl

    haleybobl New Member

    I would also like to know opinions on this. For the price it would be a great deal!
  3. naich

    naich New Member

    just use the exo terra bendable vines, they smell natural, feel natural, and come in 4 sizes.... same price mabey a buck more....but worth the safty factor imo.
  4. Chameleon24

    Chameleon24 New Member

    never tried it but for that price its worth giving it a shot
  5. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    exo terra 1/4inch vine 6 feet is 6$ 24$ gets you appx. 24ft.

    t rex 1/4 inch vine 1.39$ by the foot and 50$ gets you 50ft.

    camphor vine 1/4 inch to Im guessing 1 inch 20$ for 100 ft.

    The vine looks like it would be nice, appealling and do the same job. I am just wondering if anyone has tried it and how they liked it;)

    Thanks for fixing the link Travis, although they look the same to me hahaha.
  6. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    Thats what Im thinking!!!
  7. Travis Blades

    Travis Blades New Member

    lol yeah they do look the same not sure why its different or why yours dont work lol :eek:
  8. SYeretzian

    SYeretzian New Member

    You should get the 20ft coil and tell us how it works, I think it would dry to rigid or stiff dont you?

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