CAMO update (((pics)))


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so my little Camo has been through alot latley ( me too ) for those who dont know he lost his tounge about 3weeks ago. it was devestating and has been a tricky situation ever since. Lucky for my this little guy is a champ!!!! he has adapted to cup and hand feeding and even feeds on his own when he can. He contiunes to be his funny friendly self i know and love. Thanks so much to many members for their advise and kind words. It has helped us more than you know. Anyway i just thought i would throw up a few pics to show him off these pics are from today at 1pm so good and current.

gettin a snack from his shot glass. ( gunna need a bigger one soon )

catching some morning rays

a close up kinda can see his colors

thank again and as alway love to hear what you think
Hoj & Camo


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Good to hear he is adapting without his tongue!

He is adorable!!, especially in the picture where he's holding the shot glass like he means business lol


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I have a female jackson who cup feeds due to a tongue issue. She has been that way since I got her, but she is a trooper. She holds onto the glass like camo but she goes 3/4 of the way into her cup. Camo is so lucky to have you to care for him. I guess it is the extra time we spend with some chams that make them so special. Camo sure is looking great.


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He's a cutie! (ok, im biased - cos he looks a lot like mine :p )

I'm so glad you and he are getting over his issues! He looks really well!
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