Camellia in the chameleon cage


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Over the past couple of months there have been a few posts asking about what flowering plants to use in chameleon enclosures. One of my favourites is Camellia. It doesn't demand as much light as Hibiscus, yet also manages to cope with the high volume of water in a cham enclosure.
Plus, the leaves are supposed to be quite nutritious (they make tea from certain varieties of Camellia) - my Veileds chomp on them quite often.
Recently after the temperatures dipped during winter, the camellias in my cage have started to form buds - this is the first bloom that opened. Bear in mind, this plant has been inside a cage for over 18 months now and has never been rotated outside. It is still growing well (I've even had to prune it) and is forming flowers. Plus, unlike Pothos and Schefflera, it has a strong, woody branch structure that even adult Veileds can climb in and sleep in.

(PS. Those are hibiscus leaves in the background where Invader Zim is perched - the hibiscus has to be rotated outside at least once a year)


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I'm going to have to check those out. I love the flowering plants but I do NOT think I could keep a hibiscus alive!
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