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Hi peeps,

Just wondering if you could help me out on the calcium amounts? How often to use etc, my 8 month old veiled female has hers dusted every feed but im wondering if this is to much? the crickets after dusting look like the've been through a snow storm
Your dusting schedule does sound a bit excessive. I dust my chameleon's food with pure calcium (no phosphorus/no D3) 4 times a week. Once every other week I dust with calcium w/D3 and a vitamin supplement. When I dust them they aren't solid white.. just a little grey ;) Over supplementation can have ill effects just as under supplementation can. Every one's schedule is different and a lot of people's opinions differ on the subject. Some (like D3 and vitamin) depend on the chameleon and the owner's habits. If you take your chameleon outside a lot or have an outside enclosure, then the D3 isn't needed as often, if ever. If you are the perfect gutloader or live in an area that the chameleon is native to and could eat everything that it would in the wild then a vitamin supplement probably isn't necessary. This though, doesn't apply to most of us :)
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