Calcium powder


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hmmm...this is not good...i just read in a book that the person dusts the bugs with the calcium stuff twice a week? i cant remeber its how to take care of chameleons very nice book but i was wondering... every time i feed stuey crickets *once a day when i get home from school, 4-7 crickets* i dust them with the calciuk powder is this bad? could this harm him in any way?
As far as i know you should actually powder most of their food with calcium until they reach a certain age, then you do the twice a week thing, how old is your chameleon? I also think he should be eating more crickets, and of the right size(i dont know what size are yours) , they shouldn't be too big, about the size of his mouth.
With a veiled I would do it every day tell about six months. Make sure it is a phosporus-free powder with vitamin D3. After six months it will depend on the sex as to how you will work it down.
ok hes 2 months old, hes very small still, im feeding him like week old crickets or somthing... he eats fine and i havnt seen any problems so when he gets older i should stop feeding him like that? i meen putting the calium stuff on, yea il feed him more. the pic next to my name is very very recent i took it on wendsday so thats his size
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