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i have a two month old veiled chameleon and i am not sure what size cage i should get so that i wouldnt have to spend much money and i won't have to buy another cage for a while. can someone help me?:confused:
mines about the same age as yours...i wanted to get something big also but then ppl told me that yeah u will save money in the long run but your veiled will have a hard time finding food, aluminum cages arent that expensive and even if you buy a small.medium cage it will take several months to out grow it.
food was what i was most worried about because he's still only eating small crickets and they always find someway to get into or underneath the plants.
mine eats medium size crickets but the shop i get them from is a lil far from me..i've been goin to the local pet shop but all they have is too big or too small of crickets, i've been just gettin the smaller ones and all they do is hide in the bottome...just right now i saw zeus get a bout 3 inches from the floor just to get some food! lol....i guess those small crickets are being little boogers and wont climb up to he has to go down to their level
ease of eating

i found a care sheet that gave some pretty good suggestions on how you could make it easy for a small cham to reach food but i haven't tried it yet because i have limited space in my current cage.
The best is to cup feed. My 3 month old panther picked it up in a few days. Now he sits there staring at it waiting for more food. I wish I did this for my first cham its so much easier then finding dead crickets on the ground. Also you dont have to worry about them hurting your cham. I took a 8 oz water cup from Del Taco and cut the bottem out and put a peice of screen on the bottem and glued in down. I can mist all I want and never worry about drowning crickets. I hold the cup up with a paperclip that I bent into a ring and a twist tie on the side. I put it under his fav basking spot. Just remember to put it lower then they are most of the time. They like to attack from above.

I have 3 cups that I rotate and clean. One has a solid bottem cup with pin holes for worms. They tend to wiggle between the screen.
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but cup feeding is not good all the time...ur cham needs to hunt and find food on his own..just as though he does in nature
well yea not all the time. I set a few to free roam. He just gets the bulk from the cup.
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