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My son is getting ready to get his first one. He has read more books on Chameleons, I made him do this, then I can count which has lead to some confusion on what the correct setup should be. So he is well versed on what is needed and settled on a veiled chameleon.

One is a fish tank with dirt and live plants. The store said no because it will get stuck on their tongues.

Two is something that puts the Chameleon up higher then us and plastic plants are fine. The argument here is a live animal needs live plants so plastic only works with plastic animals.

There also seems to be a number of ideas of what not to use as the mesh on the cage but not anything that says what to use. One pet store has cages made out of window screens welded together or these huge standalone cages that look like furniture.

I want to do what is best for 'Steve.' That is the name that he picked out already.

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Chameleons should not be kept in fish tanks. Screen is preferred as it gives good ventilation. Some members do use glass(not fish tanks) enclosures in areas that have very cold climates. Glass can work withproper ventilation and the correct size. Is the chameleon going to be a juvenile or baby, or an adult.? That will make a difference in the size you choose. No substrate such as dirt or bark on the bottom as chameleons could eat it or injest it accidentally while shooting their tongues at their feeders. Correct lighting, temps, humidity, supplementation of vitamins and calcium with d3 and without(dusted on your feeders) are all critical aspects to the health of your chameleon along with gutloading(feeding your feeders) so your chameleon benefits. Live plants are good to keep humidity levels up but plastic can be used also. A mixture of both are fine.
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It will be about 4 months old, I don't know if that is a baby or juvenile. Thanks for the information on the setup. That helps alot.
welcome be sure to post some pics of Steve LoL and his setup when he gets home..
a cham named Steve cracks me up.
i would also check out the "how to ask for help" form in the health section. if there are questions that arise from reading it than that is a great place to start as i covers all the bases.

enjoy and welcome to the addiction.

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