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Yet another question for you all.
I just bought a new cage for hermie -- a 65 gallon reptarium (full screened). He is currently in a 20 gallon.
And all of a sudden I'm getting cold feet about putting him in it -- that it might be too big for him. His current cage is kind of cozy -- lots of vines, branches, bowls that collect water that I drip off of his branches. He seems happy in it, but I was thinking that he'd enjoy more room. He's probably about 4 months old now. But now I'm having troubles finding branches long enough to prop corner to corner.
Do chameleons perfer to have lots of open space or would they rather have more of a crowded jungle atmosphere?
Sorry if this is a stupid question -- I'm just worried after loosing Corey that I'll screw up again with him.
Maybe you shouldn't make you're cham's cage too roomy. I don't think there's anything that would harm him from having a large cage. A cham is likely to like only certain spots of the cage, and may never venture to any other part. Just make sure not to make the cage too small either.
I think that it depends on your cham because my one likes to explore the cage and i think he would like a bigger one. Im adding things all the time to keep him interested. Everytime i add something new he loves to stay around it!

If your cham is very active then i guess he will like the extra space. Just try and fill it up to give him a lot of places to go!
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