Cage Screens


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I am going to be building some cages and looking for the best screen/netting to be used for the walls. So far i have seen the covered hardware cloth, and also a plastic hardware cloth that i like more. But the thing i like the most is this very thin hardware netting that would be almost invisible from a distance and hardly block any vision at all when next to it, still only having a half inch grid. If the large cage is heavily planted, does any one see any problem with using such a thin plastic netting? Still very strong, can not break it by hand.

Let me know your thoughts.
I think the main concerns would be a) heat lights melting it if it were used for the top and b) crickets chewing through it and possibly c) would it be so thin as to hurt/cut feet if they climbed on it? Sometimes the thinner a wire is, the more it digs in..
Use some PVC piping or PC piping? :eek:

Use fiber glass mesh and container feed your chameleon or use a metal screening mesh that won't get chewed through by crickets.

Also, the top should always be completely metal due to the heat lamp.

It would be a good idea to have the floor a mesh too, and keep it over a plastic shelf with lots of gaps so you could collect the water in a container underneath it.
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