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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by txg8gxp, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. txg8gxp

    txg8gxp New Member

    Just a quick question. How does everyone clean their cage. I have just been pulling the ficus out to spray it down with the hose, then wipe down the cage bottom with paper towels. What about a cleaner? Would listerine be a good/safe cleaner to use on the bottom, or is that not needed. Thanks.
  2. Eltortu

    Eltortu Established Member

    Listerine? The mouth rinse? I use water and paper towels for daily cleaninig. I have extra cages so I move them around when I use good ol' bleach... :)
  3. Lindz

    Lindz New Member

    I used a spray I got at work called Healthy Habitat. It's made to clean reptile cages and is 100% all natural. It is also water based and can be used on the plants as well as any other cage decor. :)
  4. DGray

    DGray Established Member

    bleach yes, Listerene no...

    I usually vacuum out dry poo and skin. I have an extra screen cut to size and use it to line the bottom of the cage. They come out easily; I take these out and blast the screen with a hose. Every so often I'll bleach the screen. I also use a lot of bleach to kill nasties in the runoff water before I dump it.

    Listerene contains phenolic compounds, to which, some reptiles are especially sensitive. I would never use it in a reptile environment. Bleach is conversely, very safe with reptiles, and tolerated at very high concentrations. Pretty safe for the usual plants too.
  5. Stanly

    Stanly New Member

    good to know about bleach, it is what I've been using for "deep" cleaning but I have been a bit worried about it (just tried to wash the bleach away as best I could). I'll still rinse as best I can but atlest I wont worry as much about using bleach.

    the other thing I've heard of and thought about trying is nolvasan, how does it compare to bleach (both safty and cleaning wise)? I know it's used alot for pets (both for cleaning and for wounds I have gathered)
  6. HecticZ

    HecticZ New Member

    This I use it too I just make sure I let it dry and then rinse it off again and let it dry, before putting anything in the enclosure. During this time it lets me examine the chameleon(s) to make sure everything is ok.
  7. txg8gxp

    txg8gxp New Member

    Thanks for the info everyone. For now I have just been using warm water and paper towels. I guess I will start using bleach every once in awhile to make sure everything is really clean.
  8. Texas Ranger

    Texas Ranger Avid Member

    I use Nolvasan monthly and Healthy habitat every week.

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