Cage almost ready!?


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I may be able to get my new 8-9 month old ambanja panther tonight!!!

currently doing a test run on my cage 2'x2'x3' aluminum terrarium

ficus tree
pothos hanging plant for chameleon drinking
with artificial vines and real twigs (twigs were baked to sanitize)
rep glo 5.0 18" bulb
sun glo 100w heat directly on top of cage
basking spot is 8 in below bulb and holding at about 83-85 degrees (measured with spot digital thermometer

mid level of cage is holding at 69 degrees
humidity after a full misting at 60 % and after an hour dropping to about 40%

my question is do i need more heat near the basking area?
or if anyone sees anything i should change??



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looks pretty good. I dont know much about panthers.. but I do know that, like with Veileds, they like to be up high. It'd be better to have a taller cage.
i just turned the photos around hahaha ... first time :eek:



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thanks veildcham, right now i have the cage at 40" off the ground (76" to the top) i had him another 16" higher.... but it was to high for me to enjoy him :( ... so i moved it down.... i hope its not gonna be an issue.... at the moment i cant afford another cage

yess sirr!

good eye! Im from argentina..... maradona is like a god, and messi is a living legend!! lol
do you like futbol?

Christian, if I could make a couple of suggestions to you! The clear cup in the right of the that a feeding cup? If so, it is kinda deep and it is too see through. The problem is if your chameleon spots the prey in there he may shoot his tongue at the outside of the cup, not realizing and could injure it. You could also bump up your basking to about 90. You can do this by leaving the light where it is but raising your basking branch closer to the light. Not too close though, as you want to make sure none of his body can touch the screen and he could burn himself. I just looked and it does not appear that you have a basking branch. That plant may be too flimsy for him to bask under the light properly. You could also add a few more walkway branches and vines both vertical and horizontal closer to to the top.
it looks like there is, but just double checking, is there something in between the cage and mirror so he cant see himself?
hey guys ... here are some more pics of basking spot and highways lower and upper around ficus... i hope this is alittle more like what you were suggesting?

oh and the clear cup thing was an awesome tip!! :D

ive heard of that before but totally forgot~! :eek:

Xavi the Chameleon is coming tonight at 8PM !!!!!!! :D

wioll have pictures later ... prob wont sleep!!!


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great point sirly ....YES definitely haha i have those posters with vegetation on the mirror wall and red wall!!

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