C-section eggs???


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So has anyone ever successfully hatched eggs removed from a dead chameleon? I know I saw a thread the other day started by Pssh about some 'harvested' Pygmy eggs. I had a female that didn't make it a few days ago. I had thought about euthanising her, but I was keeping a constant vigil on her, and I found her dead probably not more than an hour after she expired. I removed 40 good looking eggs and I set them up just for the hell of it. They have since turned from a dull yellow to a pearly white and look quite good. Does anyone think that since they were removed that quickly after death that there is any chance of them hatching? They were full term- I was expecting her to lay at anytime when this happened.
I have successfully removed the eggs after a chameleon passed away several times. I have better hatch rates with veileds than panthers.
Yeah sure. I have a temporalis egg going strong from a female who died egg bound. One went bad, but this one is massive. It's probably as tall/long as a nickel.
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