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okay i have become hooked on these beautiful creatures, i am thinking about buying a veild chameleon and i was woundering if anyone had any insite if that is a good chameleon to buy what kind (ex.sunburst). or if there is another chameleon that may be good...i might also buy a mellers. lol. i cant help myself. so if anybody has any insite i would appretiate your advice
Everyone has their favorites. Personally, I like them all :) Veiled chams can be very beautiful, and seem to be a little more hardy than most other chameleons. I currently own a panther, and will either be getting a fischers or jacksons next.

My only advice would be to do the proper research and make sure you can provide the proper environment needed before making a purchase. Also, I highly recommend purchasing from a well known breeder.
I must admit I wouldn't recommend you buy a Meller chameleon. They are virtually impossible to sex and all I hear is how difficult they are to keep. I am a bit worried about trying that species myself, for one thing they would need a huge vivarium.

Hi rydude334

I also wouldnt recommend a mellers as a first chameleon, as chamgirl stated they need large cages and in my opion are not easy to keep and will not tollerate husbandry mistakes (i kept two when living in the uk).As chamgirl also stated they are difficult to sex as fully grown males(2ft in length) have small hemipenial bulges.As a starter cham you would be far better off going for a veiled as they are far more tollerent of husbandry mistakes(within reason).The key to keeping any cham is to get as much info on that specie & research research research

ok thanks you guys i love veilds alot and i think they will make a great part of my chameleon family... 2 rainbow panthers and a senegal... the only reason i would have bought a mellers is because of how dinesaur lookin they are but i dont think i have the experience level to care for one.. even how much i would like to have one it is all about the lizards health. thanks
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