Buying a chameleon


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I made a similar thread a bit before.. but anyways, I'm soon buying my first cham, where I live there aren't many places to buy them and petstore chameleons live at very sad and completely wrong conditions, so I was considering buying it from a guy, but he's selling it at an age of about a bit more than a month, he says that they are strong, and healthy... but i've read that the safe age is 3 months, yet i've seen many posts about chameleons being bought since thet are a couple of weeks old. I am prepared ,i've got a really big cage with a division for when he is smaller, supplements, uvb light, hydrometer, thermometer, basking light ,and have been reading stuff for a while. He says he breeds them so he can guarantee that they will be ook.
And just as a fun fact, I think that for a living, he is a "kind of known" clown ,he's been to some local tv stations and stuff, I found it very funny.
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