Buy an abused cham?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AndrewH, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. AndrewH

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    I went into this reptile shop where they have a meller cham available.

    I am really looking forward to getting one and wanted to get peoples opinions on weather or not i should buy this cham to perhaps "save" it? Or just wait for the SD supershow and buy a CB or healthier young one?

    This cham is cramped in his cage has burn marks on the top of his dorsal "fin" (not sure what its really called) has about 50 crickets all bunched up around the corners and is sitting on top of a pothos plant, the crest on his snout is crooked and he is missing most of his toenails. based upon length he looks to be a juvenile / sub adult, about 18 inches and inside one of those 36x18x18 enclosure.

    I know that buying from them puts another chameleon at risk to undergo the same husbandry, but he really does look sad in there.

    I know there is no right or wrong answer and its based upon everyones own POV of health, animal abuse etc..but just thought i would like to hear some peoples input if they would want to share.

    thanks everyone.
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  2. lbesok

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    Awww, I don't know what you should do, but I will tell you that Melleri are social animals.
  3. Kat77

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    Ok, I think many people will probably tell you to wait and get a healthier cham and not support the petstore...but if I were to see that cham, sitting in that terrible enclosure with 50 crickets, all cramped up, knowing my conscience, I wouldn't be able to sleep until I bought it and brought it home. Poor thing! But then, you can't save every one, and supporting reputable breeders is ALSO very valuable.
    Sigh, I just know if I were there it would be in my car, coming home with me right now, because I am such a sucker.
  4. JoshCrane1

    JoshCrane1 New Member

    catch 22, i just tore a pet store owner a new hole the other day for abusing a baby veiled. too bad i dont have room or i wouldve "rescued" him.
  5. Kat77

    Kat77 New Member

    I've done that before too. If only we ALL had the room to take in all the rescues...:(
  6. redlupin

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    Yeah I hear you on that Kat, I went to a pet shop to check it out and they had a baby jackson in an all glass cage and just looked so depressed. I went back a week later to get some crickets and I checked to see how he was and there he was dead on the floor. I was sooo pissed off when I saw that. I just wish I had the money to buy him when I had the chance.
  7. AndrewH

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    Yea i was just reading about that on, do you happen to own one? I checked out your site, your breeders are gorgeous!

    After reading melleridiscovery, is there any that owns two of them? do they seem to be happier seeing each other or being kept alone and secluded?

  8. Kat77

    Kat77 New Member

    It sounds like they do better in social environments. I am getting one, to start, but I'll end up with at least two. If you DO get that one, I would definitely recommend quarantining it until you've taken it to a vet, as WC Melleri (you did say it was WC right?) often have quite a parasite load, and I wouldn't get him/her a friend right away.
  9. AndrewH

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    Yes, they did say that he was WC, there only selling him for 129, but i know i can get him for 100 considering they have no information about him/her and how banged up he is. And yes, thanks for reminding me about the quarantine thing, i was just going to plan on getting a bunch of plants and letting him free roam in a spare room i have. :eek:
  10. Cainschams

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    I dont remember who it was but someone on here actually hassled the pet store untill they got it for free. They held signs up infront of the store saying something about the situation. I dont think it took to long for them to get it either. Maybe an approach like this would be the best way to go.
  11. Professor Booty

    Professor Booty New Member

    I'd steal him.

    Anyone up for a road trip to CA to break out a Meller?:cool:
  12. wendysjungle

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    It's such a hard question. I recued my first iguana, Ichabod. He was in a cramped enclosure he couldn't turn around in, had a malformed jaw from lack of nutrition/UVB, would lay in place and barely move, and had only limited use of his back legs. I have never regretted rescuing him, but he only lived about two years after I did so, his body was so broken down by that time. I tell myself I gave him his two happiest years on earth, so it was all worth it to me, but you have to brace yourself for the possibility your rescue may be with you only a short time.
  13. bREW

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    I'm with you Prof, bit of a long way for me to come but I've always wanted a trip to the states. Do you not have local authority you can report the shop to? Here in the UK every pet shop is licensed by the local authority, if you see sings of abuse or bad keeping you can report the shop to the authority.
  14. Sepioteuthis

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    Hard as it is, I wouldn't rescue him. A healthy WC melleri (and I would assume this one is WC) is hard enough to acclimate. You'd be setting yourself up for a lot of work and worrying and it probably won't pull through.

    About melleri needing to see a mate; It depends; I think it's better to have 2 since especially the males can get very restless without a mate. However they don't always get along and you have to be prepared to split them up or increase the size of their enclosure if they behavior towards eachother changes.
  15. AndrewH

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    Gee im not too sure about that one, of course there is spca, but i think they handle mostly individuals, not pet shops. If anyones does know of a program like that in California, I would be interested in knowing about it.

    wendysjungle : Yes, ive been thinking about that too. but i think it would be good times. ;)
  16. wendysjungle

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    Actually, the ASPCA will get involved with abuse in pet shops as well as private individuals, if you call them and report what you have seen. That may be a good place to start. If they seize the animals, they will try to rehab them if possible, and then put them up for adoption.

    I agree AndrewH, it can be worth it just for whatever good time you provide for them.
  17. Brad Ramsey

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  18. Jeweledchameleons

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    Here's my opinions

    DO NOT buy the animal.
    If you can get it for free or for $25 bucks then go for it
    Otherwise it's more than likely going to go down as a "sale"
    and only have the pet store order ANOTHER WC melleri. (repeat)

    IF you want you can report the pet store to the city / state.
    they do have active officers that love it when the public reports this kind of stuff
    They'll will go down and ticket the store and it's owners if it's not being given proper care.
    IF the animal has been 'abused" it'll be removed and given to the local
    zoo, reptile association or humane society... either way it'll get into good hands.
    Our local SDHS gets rescues like this all the time taken from people & businesses
    that shouldn't anything to do with captive animals.

    When you do talk to them, be sure to mention that having so many crickets in the cage is a real problem
    they'll attack and feed on the cham when they're asleep... open wounds take a picture and e-mail it to them
    then follow up with the agents to make sure that they've done their job.

    Melleri aren't all too common to find as captive hatched animals
    they do come up every now and then.
    It's a safe bet that you should go to the SD reptile show and look for CH/CB there.
    bring your cash.... there's going to be lots of supplies to pick up cheap!
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  20. BocaJan

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    Thanks for sharing that link, Brad. It was a very good story with lessons to learn.

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