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Hello, I have some butterworms for sale. These are medium sized butterworms (up to 1 1/4 inches total length.) My prices include first class shipping (1-3 days in the mail.) However if your temperatures are below 40 degrees F, I cannot guarantee live arrival of the worms. They do well in the cold, but only to about 37 until they begin to die off rapidly. If your temperatures are getting into the lower ranges, you may pay for a box (instead of a bubble envelope) with a heat pack or insulation. It will probably be another 3-5 dollars depending on your location.

25 for $8.50
50 for $12.50
75 for $16.25

Again, these prices include 1-3 day shipping.

Email me at [email protected] This Email is also my paypal address.

They are approx this size plus a little bigger (I just don't have a picture of larger mediums)

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I have more now. This time I want to do it by weight as it's just easier. All orders are weighed without any substrate so it's fair. Free shipping. Mixed sizes.

10 grams is approx. 30-40+ worms depending on size, but it usually leans more towards 40.

10 grams - $10.00
20 grams - $16.50
25 grams - $19.00


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I'm going back to counting again. :) The prices are a little higher because these are massive! If you want the cheaper prices I can pick out the mediums for you. HUGE butterworms for sale. Free 1-3 day shipping. These are easy to care for, grab your animals attention, have a high calcium content, and they can last months in the fridge. You don't even feed them. Shipping is still free if you buy multiple things from me. Just look for my other ads to see if I have anything of interest.

12 - $5.50
25 - $8.50
50 - $14.00
75 - $18.50
100 - $23

LAG if temps are above 40 degrees in your area. If it drops below 40 then I can't guarantee live arrival unless you pay for insulation and/or heat pack. As always, basic care for any insect you buy is included in the package.*

Email me at [email protected] for the quickest response.*

Thank you,*
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