Butterworms- no mess, no hassle. Low Low prices that include shipping

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Big, fat, juicy Butterworms for sale. Simple to care for and very affordable prices. Our chameleons have been going gaga over them! They last in the fridge for 3-4 months. Prices below. All prices include shipping. Live arrival guaranteed.


Hassle-free storage

No worm food to mess with, no tricky handling, no bad odors. Storage: simply store the worms in the refrigerator (42-45 Fahrenheit). At these temperatures the worm enters a state of hibernation and won’t require any food or water for 3-4 months.

As Exotic Pet Food

Butterworms are a natural food source in Chile (where they originate) and are a great source of calcium and high in protein for reptiles, birds and fish. Also the worm is soft bodied making it a very easily digested meal.


MIXED (about 75% large 25% sm/med). All prices include shipping.

100 Mixed- $17.00 shipped
200 Mixed- $29.00 shipped
400 Mixed- $53.00 shipped
1000 Mixed- $111.00 shipped

You can purchase through our website, www.elliotsbutterworms.com, or we accept payments via PayPal to [email protected], or credit cards on the phone, 360-893-1843 or 253-576-3309.

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