butterworm storage.


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i just recived my butterworms in the mail today and they came in a container in sacks. i was just wondering when storing them in the fridge do i have to take them outta the sacks that they come in? or do i keep them in the sacks? does it even matter?
Butters go in the fridge.

silks and horn worms stay at a moderate temp. If you keep hornworms warm, they'll grow fast. silks are kind of the same way, but too much heat is obviously bad.


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I keep them in the sacs, easier to find them that way. Basically they spin this web-like stuff around them (kinds like a silk worm) and it gets all stuck to the bedding stuff and gets a mess so keep them in the sac, make a little hole to get out the ones you need and I find they stay in there and don't come out. Make sure you take what your Cham doesn't eat out of the cage cos those suckers climb our of my feeding cups! My Chams love them though and they last in the fridge for a LONG long time. I remember the first time I ordered some, opened it and saw the sack all rolling and moving..looked like an alien was about to pop out!
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