Burned skin?


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I have a young male veiled chameleon he is probably 5 months old. I have him in a 24"x24"x48" screened enclosure with a ficus and pothos. He is showing normal light green coloration and eating and drinking well. I have a 24" uv light strip and a 100 watt basking bulb. I noticed recently on his back he has a small black spot at the very top middle of his back. Is this a burn? I am mainly concerned whether or not it will go away. I have moved the basking lamp so he can not get so close.
If you have access to a camera and can post it I am sure someone on here can help you make a determination. I have really only had to deal with one burn on my female's casque. It went away but left it's mark. I would assume there are some risk of infection.
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