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Our female Veiled Chameleon has an unidentified bump on her hind-quarters near where the base of the tail and leg meet. Anyone have any ideas what this might be? She has had it now for at least 6 months, and it does vary a bit in size from time to time. It dosen't seem to bother her, but I am thinking that it probably shouldn't be there.......any help is appreciated. See attached pictures.


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Have you tried to touch it?
Soft, hard, does it move some where else?

I am not sure I have not quite actually seen something like that before.

On another note she does look very dehydrated.


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Her eye does look a sunk in could be the angle or situation of the picture.

Is it possible that she has had a touch of MBD? Really at a loss for what the bump could be. My female does have a bone right there that is some what visible on both sides but does not protrude that much. I am sure someone will chime in with a better guess.

Dave Weldon

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If she was my critter, I'd take her to a qualified reptile vet to take a look and maybe a sample of what is there. I tend to error on the side of caution. Does she "green-up" or is she always that brown?


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She does green up nicely.....she was just annoyed with me taking her picture! We probably will take her in, thought we would try this first.


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6 months????? Seems like along time. I think I would have gone to my vet say........6 months ago.
Almost looks like a hip dislocation to me, but photos don't always tell the whole story, so it's just a guess. Is locomotion affected in anyway whatsoever- bigger strides with the right leg than left, hanging of the left leg, keeping it raised?
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